Is God a Number?

Teaser Image Is God a Number? - (1999) 52 min
ID: 1999-83
Director: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon
Country: us
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: unknown
Genres: Documentary
Languages: English

Did the universe emerge by coincidence? Or is it based on a plan which can be described mathematically? Mathematicians go further into this question in this film.

The universe as we know it is made from star dust which originated when stars collided millions of years ago. How high is the possibility of this collection of star dust to form the world we live in today? How nature works today seems like the work of a creator.

The sequence of birth, life, and death can be described mathematically but where does consciousness come from? How are perception and reality connected? How does neurons create feelings?

This film is moderated by Michael Barnsley and takes us into another world where euclidean mathematics is not enough to describe the universe in its entirety. (vismath)