Fermat's Last Tango

Teaser Image Fermat's Last Tango - (2001) 100 min
ID: 2001-26
Director: David Stern
Author: Joanne Sydney Lessner, Joshua Rosenblum
Country: us
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Clay Mathematics Institute
Genres: Musical
Languages: English

“Fermat’s Last Tango was inspired by the achievements of Princeton University Mathematics Professor Andrew Wiles, who in June 1993 presented a proof to the theorem first set forth by French mathematician Pierre de Fermat in 1637. ““Fermat’s Last Tango”“ is a musical fantasia based on the true encounter between mathematician Andrew Wiles and Fermat’s last theorem. The music composed by Joshua Rosenblum, the book by his wife Joanne Lessner, and the clever lyrics by the pair provide extraordinary entertainment. The play makes a clear statement about the enduring importance of mathematics and its intellectual impact over the millennia.(IMDB)”