Teaser Image MESH - (2005) 40 min
ID: 2005-34
Director: Beau Janzen, Konrad Polthier
Country: ger
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Springer Verlag
Genres: Education
Languages: German, English

Mesh is a groundbreaking 40-minute computer animation that helps redefine the term “math video”. The creation of Beau Janzen and Konrad Polthier, Mesh distills down advanced concepts in differential geometry and conveys them in a way that is palpable and relevant to even a novice audience. With its synthesis of cutting-edge visualization and breathtaking artistry, Mesh explores the advancement of discrete geometry from the ancient Greeks to contemporary research topics. Along the journey, we encounter applications ranging from crystals and computers to wine barrels and soap bubbles.(IMDB, Beau Janzen)

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