Leonhard Euler: Im Paradies der Gelehrten

Teaser Image Leonhard Euler: Im Paradies der Gelehrten - (2007) 29 min
ID: 2007-31
Director: Wladimir Velminski
Author: Wladimir Velminski
Country: ger
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: unknown
Genres: Documentary
Languages: German

He was the most exceptionally gifted mathematician of the Eighteenth Century and a great figure in the history of Western culture: Leonhard Euler. Unlike names such as Leibniz and Newton, however, the name Euler today means nothing to many people. However, the Swiss founded a new field of mathematics with his theory of graphs from which a great deal springs in our every day life, such as when garbage collection trucks drive through the streets, or data streams flow through computer chips. The mathematician-poet spent the greater portion of his life in the Kunstkammer in St. Petersburg, the first museum and research center in Russia. He lived for mathematics; even when he was virtually blind, numbers wouldn’t let him go: when the outside world began to blur, he could see through his calculations; the “queen of all formulas” is his invention.