Teaser Image Quantus - (Ausschnitt) (2008) 10 min
ID: 2008-11
Director: Beau Janzen
Country: us
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Springer Verlag
Genres: Short Movie, Animated Movie
Languages: German, English

Quantus examines the idea of quantification as exemplified by Pythagoras’ motto “all is number”. The vehicle for demonstrating this omnipresence of numbers and mathematics is computer graphics. Animators create entire virtual worlds in computers complete with objects, movement, light and color. In order to do this, they must translate these creative visions into the computer with the only language it can understand – numbers.

By observing how computer animators are able to quantify seemingly un-mathematical phenomena, Quantus provides a springboard for seeing this quantification in the real world.

This film is included in the compilation MathFilm 2008 DVD.