MathFilm 2008 DVD

Teaser Image MathFilm 2008 DVD - Eine Sammlung mathematischer Kurzfilme (2008) 60 min
ID: 2008-1
Producer: K. Polthier, M. Aigner, T. Apostol, M. Emmer, H.C. Hege, U. Weinberg (Eds.)
Country: ger
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Springer Verlag
Price: 14,90 €
Genres: Collection
Languages: German, English

The MathFilm DVD presents a juried collection of innovative short math videos. The films are winners of the international competition of the MathFilm Festival 2008. Following the May premiere in Berlin, the festival films are shown in public viewings throughout Germany. The festival is part of the “Year of Mathematics” initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The films target a broad audience of students, teachers, and everyone with an interest in mathematics. The topics range from geometry to graphics, from computing to visualization, from historic to modern achievements, from abstract mathematical worlds to real-world applications. The DVD provides entertaining and informative insights into modern mathematics and is an exciting resource for lively school and university courses.

The DVD has been published by Springer and is available at:

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Films in this compilation:
  1. Zählen jenseits des Unendlichen
  2. Möbius-Transformationen beleuchtet
  3. Flatland: The Movie
  4. Konstruktion eines Hyperdodekaeders
  5. Facelab
  6. Das digitale Herz
  7. Optimierung von Taktfahrplänen
  8. Zahlen in Bewegung
  9. Quantus
  10. Dice
  11. Attack of the Note Sheep
  12. Die Geometrie des Suchens
  13. Die Borromäischen Ringe
  14. Die Laufmaschine von Tschebyscheff
  15. A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation