Konstruktion eines Hyperdodekaeders

Teaser Image Konstruktion eines Hyperdodekaeders - (2008) 2 min
ID: 2008-7
Director: Gian Marco Todesco
Author: Gian Marco Todesco
Country: it
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Springer Verlag
Genres: Short Movie, Animated Movie
Languages: German, English

This short computer graphics animation presents the regular 120-cell: a four dimensional polytope composed of 120 dodecahedra and also known as the hyperdodecahedron or hecatonicosachoron. The figure is built up through a sequence of subsequent foldings: 5 segments form a pentagon, 12 pentagons form a dodecahedron and eventually 120 dodecahedra form the 3D shadow of a 120-cell.

This film is included in the compilation MathFilm 2008 DVD.