The Story of Maths

Teaser Image The Story of Maths - From the discovery of zero to today's great unsolved problems (2009) 90 min
ID: 2009-84
Author: Marcus du Sautoy
Country: us
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: Open University
Genres: Documentary
Languages: English

The Story of Maths is a four-part production of the BBC with Marcus du Sautoy. In four chapters on 2 DVDs we learn about the history of mathematics. Beginning in ancient Greece this series takes a ride through centuries of mathematical developments.

The story ends with presenting the Millenium-problems – current mathematical questions and ideas to answer them.

The Story of Maths is segmented into four parts:

- Part 1: “The Language of the Universe”
- Part 2: “The Genius of the East”
- Part 3: “The Frontiers of Space”
- Part 4: “To Infinity and Beyond”

Using lively examples from nature Marcus du Sautoy takes us on a ride around the world.