History of Mathematics

Teaser Image History of Mathematics - Middle Ages (2011) 64 min
ID: 2011-63
Director: Heiko Wesemüller-Kock, Karen Anne Gottwald
Age Rating: 0
Distributor: unknown
Genres: Documentary
Languages: German, English

This film invites you to participate in the exciting developments in the ancient science of mathematics. The main emphasis has been placed on the developments during the Middle Ages in Asia (the Orient) and Europe (the Occident). Many changes took place at that time and few of the written documents on the sciences in ancient Greece were saved.

But the scholars from Islamic countries discovered much of this cultural heritage and translated it into Arabic. In this way, a large portion of the ancient knowledge could be saved, further developed, and later translated into Latin.

This 64 minute movie is suitable for class and gives great insight into the interconnections of culture and science.